Operation Mercury by Nicholas Trudgian

Operation Mercury by Nicholas Trudgian

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The Battle for Crete

Overall print size: 301/2" x 231/2"

This new painting shows Me110C's of II./ZG76, having attacked naval units off the coast of Crete in early May 1941, being bravely intercepted by two Gladiators of 112 Squadron. Heavily outnumbered, the best RAF pilots can hope for is to disrupt the Luftwaffe formation, and this they continued to do until, literally, they had no more aircraft left!

The Editions

The Limited Edition:

Each print in the edition is individually numbered and personally signed by the artist along with two Luftwaffe Me110 fighter Aces who flew both day and night operations in Europe during WWII. Limited to 285 prints. Price 55 / approx US$85 ONLY 1 LEFT!

  • Leutnant OTTO FRIES
  • Hauptmann PETER SPODEN

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