Gazelle Over Salisbury Plain by Michael Rondot

Gazelle Over Salisbury Plain by Michael Rondot

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Signed by three serving Generals who wear the Army Flying Radge

Size: 27x20 ins (image size 24x19 in)

Fast and manoeuvrable, the Gazelle has proved itself as one of the world 's best light battlefield helicopters Since its introduction into the Army Air Corps in 1973, Gazelles have been used in every major conflict involving British Forces from the Falklands to the Gulf Wars Used extensively on anti-terrorist observation and troop support operations in Northern Ireland. Gazelles have also been heavily committed to NATO operations in Bosnia.

Michael Rondot's spectacularly detailed painting shows a Gazelle AH1 in action during a live firepower demonstration on Warminster Ranges. Salisbury Plain Acting as airborne forward air controller, the Gazelle pilot is guiding rocket-firing RAF Harriers in close air support while hovering above a Challenger II tank moving into its firing position In the background, the rolling Wiltshire hills and distinctive-shaped woods of Salisbury Plain provide a panoramic backdrop that will be familiar to all who wear the Army Flying Badge

Published in a very small limited edition of signed and numbered prints, sales of this print edition will benefit The Army Benevolent Fund and Exeler House, a Salisbury school for disabled children with special needs. A classic collector's piece offering collectors of military aviation a rare opportunity to acquire a valuable signed tribute to the Gazelle and the Army Air Corps


In generous support of these charities. three serving Generals who wear the Army Flying Badge have signed each copy to create a unique and valuable tribute lo the Gazelle:

General Sir Michael Walker GCB CMC CBE ADC Gen.

Chief of Defence Staff, former Colonel Commandant Amry Air Corps

General Sir Richard Dannatt KCB CBE MC.

Commander in Chief Land Command, Colonel Commandant Army Air Corps.

Major General The Duke of Westminster KG QBE TD DL.

Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets) Honorary Colonel 7 Regiment AAC

The Editions

Artist Proofs and Remarques

In addition lo the General's signatures the artist's proofs and remarque prints are also signed by other serving Gazelle pilots to further enhance their value Especially prized for their rarity value and personal touch, remarque prints have an original pencil drawing of a Gazelle added to the print border

Giclee Canvas Masterworks

These beautiful artist-signed prints for the discerning collector replicate-the look and feel of the original painting with striking effect Only a very fiğ JIT issued with each edition, and because they are so rare, they are often fully subscribed soon after release. (Image size 3Ox20 inches).

  • 250 signed & numbered: £75 (sold out at publisher)
  • 50 Artist Proofs £120
  • 25 remarques: £235
  • 10 giclee canvas masterworks: £375 (image 30x20 ins)

A typical example of a Michael Rondot remarque

A typical example of a Michael Rondot remarque

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