The Magnificent Fight by John D Shaw

The Magnificent Fight by John D Shaw

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Overall Print Size 36" x 22 " (inches)

In December 1941 Wake Island was defended by a handful of brave Americans against terrible odds. Isolated and alone against the might of the Imperial Japanese Navy, this intrepid group held their own on land and in the air for weeks.

The Signatures

The Limited Edition Print

Joining the artist John Shaw, the Limited Edition is countersigned by Three Grumman F4 Wildcat Pilots

  • Robert O. Arthur
  • John F. Kinney
  • David D. Kliewer

The Special Edition

Joining the artist John Shaw, the Special Edition is countersigned by a 31 Wake Island defenders from the following list.

  • Earl H. Barnes
  • Armand E. Benjamin
  • Edwin J. Borne
  • Walter A Bowsher
  • William B. Buckie
  • Dennis C. Connor
  • James H. Cox
  • John R. Dale
  • Jack E. Davis
  • Norman D. Elliott
  • Gene A Fleener
  • Norman N. Fritzshall
  • Richard C. Gilbert
  • Franklin D. Gross
  • Ralph J. Holewinski
  • George G. Hubley
  • John S. Johnson

  • Guy J. Kelnhofer
  • Walter T. Kennedy
  • James O. King
  • Edwin E. Laporte
  • William H. Manning
  • Kenneth L. Melton
  • William O. Plate
  • Fenton R. Quinn
  • Julian K. Sandvold
  • LeRoy N. Schneider
  • Irving B. Silverlieb
  • Wiley W. Sloman
  • Cassius E. Smith
  • William L. Taylor
  • Glenn E. Tripp
  • Mackie L. Wheeler

Matching numbered certificate of authenticity included.

The Editions

425 Limited edition prints signed by 3 F4F pilots. UK 150

425 Special edition prints signed by 31 Wake Island defenders UK 195.00

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