Company of Heroes by Robert Taylor

Company of Heroes by Robert Taylor

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Overall Print Size: 33 1/8" wide x 23 1/2" high. Image Size: 26 1/2" wide x 16" high.

Returning to base following the ordeal of a grueling daylight raid, when barrages of flak and the persistent attendance of enemy fighters were an accepted feature of the mission were, for the weary aircrews, moments of pure exhilaration. The entire airfield suddenly transformed into a cacophony of noise and activity as, one after another, the mighty bombers landed and came to rest. Jeeps scurried about collecting crews, whisking them away for debriefing and well-earned nourishment while ground crews, after their anxious wait, milled around their charges. That recurring, hectic, exciting wartime scene is captured to perfection in Robert Taylor's new painting Company of Heroes.

The 34th Bomb Group's Queenie, first home to Mendlesham today, has come to a standstill, the co-pilot already briefing the crew chief on the state of the aircraft. Another B-17 taxies while a jeep scurries across the tarmac to collect the crew of a third aircraft. Other B-17s are already parked as the last man home makes his final approach, streaming vapour from a badly overheating engine. It is April 1945. The fickle English weather greets the returning airmen with a mixture of brilliant spring sunshine and passing April showers.

This outstanding print comes with Air Combat Paintings Masterworks Collection by Robert Taylor

The cover of Air Combat Paintings by Robert Taylor

A Collection Of Air Combat Paintings by Robert Taylor

Foreword by: Colonel Don Lopez, Flying Tiger, test pilot, and Deputy Director of the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC

An attractively priced soft-back book of Air Combat Paintings by Robert Taylor showing 60 of his finest images completed in the past quarter century, during which time he has dominated the aviation art genre. Robert's personal narrative describing his paintings and drawings – some not seen in previous volumes - provides a wonderful insight into each work of art, and how his vibrant canvases comes about. Packed with full color, its 128 pages comprise a veritable aviation art gallery you will want to return to time and time again. A wonderful addition to your personal library, and a most acceptable gift for the aviation enthusiast.

The Signatures and Edition

The Collector's Edition (individually numbered 1 - 500)

Each print in the Collector's Edition is individually signed by two distinguished 8th Air Force B-17 Fortress captains who flew with the 34th Bomb Group out of Mendlesham, Suffolk, during World War Two.

Captain Rolland H. Whited

A photo of captain Rolland H Whited The Captain and pilot of 34th Bomb Group B-17 Flying Fortress 'Queenie', Rolland Whited arrived in England with the 391st Bomb Squadron, 34th Bomb Group in April 1944. He flew his first combat mission on June 20th. A veteran of manyheavy bombardment missions he flew on operations against Luftwaffe airfields, VI rocket sites, chemical plants and the railroad marshalling yards at Cologne and Ludwigshafen. After completing 26 missions on B-24's, the 34th re-equipped with B-17 Flying Fortresses. Rolland flew a further 8 missions on the B-17, flying his final mission in January 1945. He holds the Air Medal with three Oak Clusters in addition to the Distinguished Flying Cross.

'Those Jerries had a lot of practice on their anti-aircraft guns and they were getting better all along. The sky over Saarbrucken was black with bursts of flak and we really picked up a lot of holes. Two of our engines were shot out and it was still a long way home but we managed to keep the plane in the air all the way back across the Channel…'

Rolland Whited

Lieutenant Colonel Robert W. Dees

A photo of Lieutenant Colonel Robert W Dees 'Bob' Dees originally joined the Army Corps of Engineers in 1941 but transferred to the Air Corps for pilot training in January 1943. Assigned to the 4th and then 18th Squadron, 34th Bomb Group, Bob flew the South Atlantic route to

Mendlesham, England in early 1944 and was soon in the thick of the action on operations against military and industrial targets in Germany and occupied Europe. He flew the first of his 31 combat missions on 24 May 1944, flying the B-24, before the 34th converted to B-17 Fortress on which he finished his tour. He had flown 31 combat missions, 14 of which were as lead crew pilot. Bob Dees was awarded the Air Medal with five Oak Clusters

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