Canberra Tribute by Michael Rondot

Canberra Tribute by Michael Rondot

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A tribute to the English Electric CANBERRA. A single limited edition in Michael Rondot's CLASSIC COMBAT AIRCRAFT series

Size 27x20 ins. (690x500 mm).

The English Electric Canberra first flew on Friday 13 May 1949 when ts performance created a sensation. Such was the quality of the original design that in May 1951, when the first B2 Canberras entered service with No 101 Squadron at RAF Binbrook, they could out­manoeuvre all the fighters of the period and fly with impunity more than 10,000 feet above them.

Operated by 17 airforces in more than 20 different variants, Canberras have been to war at Suez and in India, in Vietnam and the Falklands campaign, and in 1996 Canberra PR9s were engaged in operational reconnaissance flights over Bosnia and in other regions. It is widely and justifiably regarded as one of the greatest aircraft designs of all time.

Michael Rondot's oil painting features two variants in typical flying weather, a Canberra B2 in brilliant sunshine taking off from a rain-soaked runway, with a PR9 in the background set against a backdrop of stormclouds and rain. The signed and numbered prints are beautifully produced on imported heavyweight art paper to match others in the CLASSIC COMBAT AIRCRAFT series.


A Collectair artist's proof is a print from the artist's private collection. -iJLAlthough some publishers charge a premium for artist's proofs, they are identical to the signed & numbered prints except that they are marked Artist's Proof or AP and then signed and sometimes numbered.

A Collectair remarqued print or AP has an original pencil drawing applied by Michael Rondot to the print border. An original remarque adds substantially to the value of the print and since each drawing is unique it can be personalised for a presentation or commemoration. At £114, a remarqued copy of CANBERRA TRIBUTE is an affordable way of owning a Michael Rondot original.

The Editions

  • 650 Signed & numbered print: £59.
  • 65 Artist's proof: £59.
  • Remarqued print or AP:£114.

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