Tigers in Normandy by Nicholas Trudgian

Tigers in Normandy by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall print size: 33" x 23"

In their desperate attempt to hold Caen, the most important city in the Normandy campaign, Tiger tanks of SS-Panzer Battalion 103 push through the village of Maltot during the ebb and flow of the bitterly fought battle for Point 112, late July 1944. Me109s of III/JG26 lend support from above.

The Signature

Each print in Nicolas Trudgian's dramatic print is individually signed by THREE leading Panzer Commanders who fought in the Tiger tank in 1944

  • Oberstleutnant ALFRED RUBBEL

Free Companion Prints

We are proud to offer "Crown of Thorns" and "Towards The Objective" by Mark Littlejohn as free companion prints worth 70 to go with this stunning piece of work by Nicholas Trudgian.

Crown of Thorns by Mark Littlejohn

Crown of Thorns

The Duke of Cornwall 's Light Infantry in World War Two. The 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry defend Hill 112 during the battle for Normandy, July 10-11th 1944, Having gained the woods on top of the rising ground they found themselves under attack by German infantry supported by Tiger tanks, The Commanding Officer of the Battalion Colonel James spotted an enemy attack forming up in to the south, climbing a tree he called in an artillery strike but was then killed by machine gun fire, The Cornwall's also discovered that the Tiger tanks were virtually impervious to their anti tank guns and also that the enemy could fire into them from all sides, thus they suffered heavy casualties prior to being withdrawn from this exposed position.

Towards the Objective by mark Littlejohn

Towards The Objective

The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in World War Two Troops of the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall 's Light Infantry pass through the forward positions of the Somerset Light Infantry on the evening of 10th July 1944 , as they head towards Hill 112 during the battle for Normandy . The Cornwall 's would see severe and sustained fighting over the next few days resulting not only in the loss of their Commanding Officer but also many hundreds of troops being killed or injured, before being withdrawn from an untenable position.


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