Mosquito Coast by Stephen Brown

Mosquito Coast by Stephen Brown

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Overall print size: approx: 13½" x 28" / 21 x 34cms.

“When I completed painting “Dawn of a Legend” I could not resist the urge to paint this new picture of Mosquitoes. I could see the concept in my head and I just had to paint it!
Although not intended as a companion print to “Dawn of a Legend”, I think they work well together and do justice to these men and their truly remarkable Mosquito aircraft”.
Stephen Brown, artist.

Seagulls take flight as the distant drone of Merlin engines starts to rise above the sound of wind and surf on their deserted beach. Overhead Mosquito B Mk IVs of 139 Squadron return low across the North Sea after a successful mission. In moments they will be gone, with only a few miles to navigate before they land at their base at Horsham St Faith in Norfolk.

The Editions and Signatures

100 Primary Editions £95

This edition is fully signed by Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Derry Perks, DFC

25 Artist Proofs £120

The Artist Proofs are also signed by the RAF’s top scoring bight-fighter pilot, Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar.

Branse Burbridge
his Medals

Geoff Perks
L-R) Fl. Sgt. Donald . Brown RCAF (Nav)and Geoff Perks (Pilot)

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