Return Of The Few by Stephen Brown

Return Of The Few by Stephen Brown

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Overall print size: approx: 13½" x 28" / 21 x 34cms.

“Undeterred by losing both legs in a flying accident before the war, Douglas Bader’s charisma and indomitable spirit helped to inspire a nation facing a desperate fight for survival. He is remembered to

this day as one of the greatest aviators to emerge from World War II.”

Stephen Brown, artist.

It is 1941, the Battle of Britain is won but the country’s future is still by no means certain, with the Luftwaffe continuing to mount daily raids on cities, factories and airfields. In Stephen Brown’s painting ‘Return of the Few', the legendary Douglas Bader leads his famous Tangmere Wing back to base having been scrambled to intercept a German bomber formation.

The Editions and Signatures

100 Primary Edition £95

The edition is fully signed by the artist and Sqn. Ldr. Geoff Wellum DFC.

25 Artist Proofs £120

The Artist Proofs are also signed by Air Commodore Peter Brothers DSO, DFC & Bar.

Pilots signing “Spitfires Safely Home”

Geoff Wellum signing

Pete Brothers
Geoff Wellum signing
Pete Brothers

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