Desert Sharks and Eagles by Nicholas Trudgian

Desert Sharks and Eagles by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall Prints Size: 35" X 23"

The air war fought in the skies above the inhospitable wastelands of the North African desert were among the most hotly contested of the war. The outcome of the bitter land war raging below largely depended upon who controlled the air space above, and both sides knew it. Nick's powerful painting brings home the intensity of the air fighting. A dog-fight between Me109s from JG-27 and P-40 Kittyhawks of the RAF's 12 Squadron, led by 'Killer' Caldwell, and later Billy Drake, 112 Squadron were in constant combat with Edu Neumann's fighters as they jousted for air supremacy above Rommel's advancing Afrika Korps tanks. Below them, the desolate beauty of the Libyan desert stretches as far as the eye can see.

The Edition & Signatures

Price: 110

Each print in the edition is individually signed by TWO RAF and TWO Luftwaffe pilots who fought in the desert campaign. Together with the artist Nicolas Trudgian, their authentication of this edition will ensure its popularity with the discerning aviation art collector.

  • Hauptmann EMIL CLADE
  • Group Captain BILLY DRAKE
  • Squadron Leader NEVILLE DUKE

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