The Cold Front by Nicholas Trudgian

The Cold Front by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall print size 60cm x 89cm image size 44cm x 65cm

The bitter Russian winter of 1943/44 was matched by some of the toughest fighting of the ground war. Between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dneiper River elements of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler reinforced their fearsome reputation. Panthers of SS Pz.Rgt. 1 move forward to engage Soviet armour,passing a Tiger of the 13th Heavy Comapany LAH.Overhead, Fw190A's of Hptm Erich Rudorffer's II/JG54 lend support by hunting for Soviet ground attack aircraft ahead of the panzer spearhead.

The Editions

  • Limited edition of 300 worldwide signed by 3 JG54 Knights Cross Holder pilots 125.00
  • Limited edition of 190 worldwide signed by 6 SS Tank Commanders and 3 JG54 Knights Cross Holder pilots 325.00
  • Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print (36" x 24") 325

The Signatures

This limited edition print is signed by the following Knights Cross SS - Tank Commanders and JG54 dayfighter pilots.

The SS Tank commanders signatures are:

Fritz Darges KC, Gerhard Fischer KC, Walther Girg KC and Oakleaves, Otto Kumm KC, Oakleaves and Sword,

Karl-Heinze Lichte KC, Richard Rudolf KC.

The JG54 signatures are:

*Erich Rudorffer KC, Oakleaves and Sword, *Hans-Ekkehard Bob KC, *Hugo Broch KC.

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