Dawn of a Legend by Stephen Brown

Dawn of a Legend by Stephen Brown

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Overall print size: approx: 13 ½" x 28" / 21 x 34 cm.

“Who can fail to be impressed by the magnificent Mosquito and all who flew in this remarkable aircraft. I always enjoy painting the Mosquito and this time I decided to show these aircraft in one of those the all too brief moments when all around the aircrew is peace and tranquillity. The lull before the anticipated firestorm that lay ahead of them”

Stephen Brown, artist.

In what became a familiar sight over East Anglia during World War II, RAF de Havilland Mosquitoes head out at low level towards the North Sea. These aircraft are Mosquito B. Mk IVs of No 2 Group, 105 Squadron operating from Horsham St. Faith in the summer of 1942. Also known as “The Wooden Wonder” or “Timber Terror”, the Mosquito was a twin-engine aircraft with the pilot and navigator sitting side by side. Its plywood structure gave the Mosquito exceptional speed, ability and durability.

The Editions and Signatures

  • 100 Primary Edition: £95
  • 25 Artist Proofs: £120
  • 15 Remarques: £245

This edition is fully signed by Flight Lieutenant Geoffrey Derry Perks, DFC

The Artist Proofs are also signed by the RAF’s top scoring bight-fighter pilot, Wing Commander Branse Burbridge DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar.

Branse Burbridge
his Medals

Geoff Perks
Fl. Sgt. Donald . Brown RCAF (Nav)
and Geoff Perks (Pilot)

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