The Great Escape - The Entrance by Ley Kenyon

The Great Escape - The Entrance by Ley Kenyon

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Overall print size: 15" wide x 14" high

Image size: 11 1⁄4" wide x 9" high

Overall matte size: 19" wide x 18 1⁄2" high

During the build up to the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III the senior British officer asked fellow prisoner and artist Ley Kenyon to make a visual record of 'Harry' – the tunnel that would ultimately be used for the escape. Kenyon completed six drawings, all of which were sealed in a watertight container fashioned from old milk tins, and stored in the abandoned tunnel 'Dick'

All these historic drawings are now in the RAF Museum in Hendon, London. This very limited edition print of one of those six immortal images created by Ley Kenyon. 'The Entrance' shows the opening of tunnel 'Harry', hidden beneath the stove in Hut 104, one officer helping another into the 30- foot vertical shaft, as a 'stooge' keeps an eye out for patrolling German guards.

The Editions and Signatures

  • 150 Signed and Numbered prints £50
  • 76 Escapers Edition £225
  • 25 Artist Proofs £350 SOLD OUT!

Limited Edition - each print is signed by Flt Lt Alan Bryett, POW in Stalag Luft III, and involved in the escape as ‘stooge’ and ‘penguin’ – those that carried the ‘sausage bags’ filled with tunnel-earth down their trousers and dispersed it around the compound.

Escapers Edition - just 76 copies of the 'Escapers Edition' – representing the 76 men who managed to escape the camp – are signed by Flt Lt Alan Bryett and Sqn Ldr Dick Churchill, 'penguin' and number 63 out of the tunnel. Each print is conservation matted to include a prisoners brass uniform button found in the area of Hut 104, issued with a full certificate of authenticity from the Great Escape Museum in Zagan, Poland.

Artist Proofs - 25 Artist Proofs will be issued to include all the components of the 'Escapers Edition'; plus the matted original signature of Battle of Britain pilot Flt Lt Mick Shand, number 76 from the tunnel; together with an original forged German security stamp made by prisoners in Stalag Luft III, issued with a full certificate of authenticity from the Great Escape Museum.

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