Kursk Cauldron of Fire by Nicholas Trudgian

Kursk Cauldron of Fire by Nicholas Trudgian

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In July 1943, 300 miles south of Moscow,the wide rolling grasslands of Kursk witness the greatest tank battle in history as 6,000 tanks meet in frenzied conflict. With close support from ground-attack aircraft of the Luftwaffe, German panzers advance through the wreckage of Russian armour. However, in what proved to be a turning point of the war in Russia, this battle was eventually won by the Soviets.

The Edition and Signatures

Limited Edition Pencil print 250

Each print is signed by Nicolas Trudgian and 15 Knights Cross winners. 7 Day Fighters, 3 Stuka Pilots and 5 Panzer Commanders.

  • Hans-Ekkehard Bob
  • Hugo Broch
  • Gunther Rall
  • Erich Rudorffer
  • Walter Schuck
  • Otto Schultz
  • Walter Wolfrum
  • Hans Krohn
  • Wilhelm Noller
  • Karl Spreitzer
  • Otto Carius
  • Gerhard Fischer
  • Albert Kerscher
  • Norbert Kujacinski
  • Wilhelm Weidenbruck

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