Hornchurch Scramble by Robert Taylor

Hornchurch Scramble by Robert Taylor

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Overall Print Size: 33" wide x 25 1/4 " high

On August 12th, 1940 the Luftwaffe turned their full attention to the RAF's forward fighter bases and radar stations with the intent to obliterate them once and for all. The outcome of the Battle of Britain hung in the balance. It was late in the afternoon of Sunday, 18 August 1940.

The previous week had seen the hardest days of fighting in the Battle of Britain as the young pilots of the RAF Fighter Command had engaged in deadly duels with the Luftwaffe. Bystanders gazed cautiously upwards at the weaving contrails in the clear blue skies over southern England as they anxiously awaited the outcome.

For just a moment, all was at peace: A gentle breeze floated across the airfield at RAF Hornchurch as the exhausted young pilots of 54 Squadron could rest for a few brief minutes and reflect on their own previous two encounters with the enemy that day. The Luftwaffe had thrown everything at them in the past few days, but today had been the toughest of them all. And then the calm was shattered by the shrill tones of the alarm, the Luftwaffe had launched another huge raid of over 300 aircraft across the Channel, and it looked like Hornchurch was the target.

Robert Taylor's masterful painting, Hornchurch Scramble, portrays the moment as 54 Squadron's commanding officer, Squadron Leader James Leathart, taxis out at Hornchurch to prepare for take-off. Quickly following, the aircraft of New Zealander Colin Gray is guided out from dispersal by his ground crew. Gray would claim 3 Bf110s in the encounter and would eventually become the top scoring New Zealand Ace of the war.

THE Editions and Signatures

This historic new edition carries the original signatures of highly respected RAF veterans that flew in combat during the Battle of Britain.


Each print is personally signed by artist Robert Taylor, and individually hand-numbered; together with three distinguished RAF pilots who flew Spitfires in the Battle of Britain.

  • Wing Commander GEORGE W. SWANWICK
  • Squadron Leader NIGEL ROSE
  • Squadron Leader TONY IVESON DFC AE

Price: £200 Edition No: 450


With all the components of ‘The Limited Edition’, this special NINE signature Anniversary Edition has been additionally signed by six of the most respected pilots who flew under RAF Fighter Command in the Battle:

  • Squadron Leader PETER BROWN AFC
  • Wing Commander TOM NEIL DFC AFC AE
  • Group Captain BILLY DRAKE DSO DFC*
  • Squadron Leader 'BOB FOSTER DFC
  • Pilot Officer NORMAN BROWN
  • Wing Commander ROGER MOOREWOOD

Price: £265 Edition No: 350

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