Evening patrol by Gerald Coulson

Evening patrol by Gerald Coulson

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Overall Print Size: 36 ¾" wide x 2 ¼" high Image Size: 29 ½" wide x 19 ¾" high

As the sun sets over the Humber Estuary, pilots of 610 Squadron return their MkII Spitfires to Leconfield after a convoy patrol in 1940. During the early part of World War II the coastline of Britain was constantly under threat, particularly the busy shipping lanes of the North Sea as the Luftwaffe battled to disrupt supplies. To protect them, however, were the young pilots of RAF Fighter Command, who were to play a vital role protecting the convoys and fishing fleets, together with offensive long-range patrols to seek out and destroy any enemy aircraft. Fighter squadrons being ‘rested’ during the Battle of Britain, would often be moved to northern locations to carry out these operations before returning to the more intense fighting in the south. But these patrols were no easy rest; they were usually long, always arduous and more often than not highly dangerous.

Gerald Coulson’s wonderfully evocative painting Evening Patrol portrays one such patrol returning to base as the sun slowly sets. It has been another hard day for the pilots of 610 Squadron.


Each print is hand numbered and personally signed by the artist along with EIGHT of the most respected and highest scoring Fighter Aces of the RAF, all of whom took part in such North Sea patrols during World War II:


  •     Gp Capt DESMOND SHEEN DFC - 5 victories
  •     Wg Cdr ‘PADDY’ BARTHROPP DFC AFC - 5 victories
  •     Sqn Ldr NEVILLE DUKE DSO OBE DFC - 28 victories
  •     Gp Capt TOM DALTON-MORGAN DSO OBE DFC - 17 victories
  •     Sqn Ldr B.G. ‘STAPME’ STAPLETON DFC - 8 victories
  •     A/Cdre PETER BROTHERS DSO CBE DFC - 16 victories
  •     Sqn Ldr A.C. LEIGH DFC DFM - 7 victories
  •     Wg Cdr H.M. STEPHEN DSO DFC - 17 victories

Signed and Numbered Print

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Edition Size - 850

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