H.M.S. Ark Royal by Philip E West

H.M.S. Ark Royal by Philip E West

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HMS Ark Royal IV - Flagship of the Flag Officer Aircraft Carriers - a mobile airfield and a most impressive sight as she launches a Phantom from one of her catapults. She had a standard displacement of 43,000 tons, a beam of 168 feet, and was 846 feet long. Ships company numbered 2,570 and her Air Group consisted of Phantom Interceptors, Buccaneer strike and Gannet AEW aircraft together with Wessex SAR and Sea King ASW helicopters. She served her Nation and the Royal Navy for 23 years and sailed 800,000 miles of valuable service, finally being decommissioned in 1979.

The Signatures

Every print is signed by:

  • Vice Admiral Sir Edward Anson KCB,
  • Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi GCB (both former Captains of the Ark Royal)
  • Commander TJH Gedge RN AFC (Phantom pilot actually flew Phantom depicted) Commander D. Hobbs (Gannet pilot), Lt. Commander D R George RN AFC (Wessex helicopter pilot), Captain E M Hackett (Buccaneer pilot), Captain R C Swales RN (Sea King pilot) and Mr. Tom Wilkinson (Fleet Master at Arms)

A Certificate of Authenticity and biographical details on each signatory accompanies every print.

The Editions

  • 400 Limited Editions 125
  • 50 Museum editions 125
  • 25 Artist Proofs 150
  • 50 Remarques 275

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