Mosquitos at Dusk by Nicholas Trudgian

Mosquitos at Dusk by Nicholas Trudgian

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35 3/8" wide x 28 7/8" high

A NEW LIMITED EDITION BY NICOLAS TRUDGIAN Nicolas Trudgian’s new limited edition pays tribute to the most versatile aircraft of World War Two and the valiant crews that took them into battle.

Nicolas Trudgian’s new painting, Mosquitos at Dusk, conveys in an instant all the attributes of this outstanding attack aircraft With their twin Merlins singing at full power, Mk FBV1 Mosquitos of 464 Squadron RAAF present a menacing picture as they set out on a precision low level mission, their streamlined, shark-like shapes silhouetted against the evening glow. Below, the tranquillity of a snow covered English coastal village is briefly disturbed as the Mosquito crews head into the night. A painting worthy of this much acclaimed World War II plane.

The Editions

  • 350 Aircrew Editions US $175.00 UK £120.00
  • 35 Aircrew Edition Artist Proofs US $250.00 UK £170.00
  • 150 Portfolio Proofs US $250.00 UK £170.00
  • 50 Portfolio Remarques US $475.00 UK £325.00

The Signatures

Each print in the Aircrew Edition has been authenticatedand individually hand-signed in pencil by THREE highly respected pilots who flew the Mosquito in combat with the RAF during World War II.

A Special Portfolio edition of just 150 copies of Mosquitos at Dusk, with an additional signature, issued with matching-numbered proofs from a unique commissioned pencil drawing ‘Lone Hunter’ by Nicolas Trudgian, featuring the Mosquito night-fighter. Each proof drawing is signed by the RAFs highest-scoring night-fighter Ace of World War II.

  • Air Commodore JOHN ELLACOMBE CB DFC*
  • Air Commodore E.B.‘TED’ SISMORE DSO DFC AFC
  • Flight Lieutenant DOUGLAS HADLAND
  • MOSQUITOS AT DUSK PORTFOLIO PROOFS all the above signatures plus:
  • Wing Commander BRANSE BURBRIDGE DSO* DFC* (Companion Print)
  • Squadron Leader TOM McPHEE CB DFC* (Main Print)
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