Kursk Clash of Steel by Nicholas Trudgian

Kursk Clash of Steel by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall Print size: 33" X 23"

In July 1943 two huge armies clashed on the rolling steppes around the town of Kursk, 300 miles south of Moscow. The Germans had launched Operation Citadel to try and regain the initiative on the Eastern Front. It was to be an encounter of epic proportions - the largest tank battle in history.

The Signatures

Adding great historical significance to Nicolas Trudgians authentic rendition of this epic battle, every print of Kursk - Clash of Steel is individually signed in pencil by two Luftwaffe fighter Aces who flew on the Eastern Front during World War II.

  • Feldwebel HEINZ RADLAUER
  • Feldwebel ERICH BRUNOTTE

Every print in the special KURSK EDITION is additionally signed by a Me109 pilot and 2 tank commanders, making a total FIVE signatures. This edition may be the last opportunity to acquire prints signed by veterans from some of the greatest tank battles in history.

  • SS-Sturmmann ERNST KUFNER
  • SS-Oberscharführer WERNER WENDT

The Editions

  • 350 Signed & Numbered Editions US $185.00 UK £120.00

Free Companion print

Every "Kursk - Clash of Steel" edition comes with the free companion print, "Trouble Ahead" by mark Littlejohn depicting Panther Ausf G on the East Front in 1944, defending positions.

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