High Summer High Battle by Nicholas Trudgian

High Summer High Battle by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall print size: 33 x 24

In late August 1940 another massive wave of German bombers crosses the English coast. Young fighter pilots are hurling themselves into the frenzy of aerial combat. Such actions are to be repeated time and again during this summer-long war of attrition, in an epic duel that will be written into history as the Battle of Britain.

A then unknown Hans-Joachim Marseille, of 1./LG2 flying his Bf 109E 'White 14' rushes headlong at a squadron of No. 19 Spitfires, in an attempt to break up their attack. Marseille will later find fame and glory over the deserts of North Africa, with JG27 where he will ultimately raise his total to 158 confirmed aerial victories. It is here, however, in the battle-scarred summer skies of England that the 'Star of Africa' will first start to shine.

The Editions

350 Limited Edition Prints - Numbered and Signed by George TJnwin, Erich Rudorffer, Hugo Dahmer. UK £120 US $185

50 Artists Proofs - Numbered and Signed by:George Unwin, Erich Rudorffer, Hugo Dahmer. UK £170 US $265

30 Remarques Signed by: George Unwin, Erich Rudorffer, Hugo Dahmer. UK£265 US$415

Each print is inscribed with a unique original pencil drawing by the artist.

Giclee Edition

25 Giclee Prints with original pencil drawing UK£695 US$1100

25 36"x22" canvas replica of the original, on stretchers. This highly collectable package includes a certificate signed by the three pilots which carries an original pencil drawing by the artist.

*Each print is numbered and signed in pencil by the artist Nicolas Trudgian and issued with an original Certificate of Authenticity from the publisher.



Born in January 1913, Flight Sergeant George Unwin was one of the RAF's first Spitfire pilots, flying with No. 19 Sqn from Duxford in Cambridgeshire. Nicknamed 'Grumpy*, by none other than legendary fighter ace Douglas Bader. Grumpy Unwin, scored his first victory on the 27th May 1940, and went on to finish the Battle of Britain with 13 confirmed, 2 shared destroyed, 2 unconfirmed destroyed, 2 probables and 1 damaged. Unwin's regular Spitfire during the summer of 1940 was QV-H, as depicted in High Summer High Battle.


Erich Rudorrfer downed his first aircraft a French Hawk 75, on May 16th 1940, during the Battle of France. This was the first of an incredible 222 aerial victories achieved over 950 combat missions. Already a Knights Cross holder for 19 victories in France, Rudorffer flew the Bfl09E with 2./JG2 'Richtofen' during the Battle of Britain. Seeing action throughout the war, he was master of the multiple victory, claiming 13 soviet aircraft in under twenty minutes on Nov 6 1943. Made Grappenkommandeur of II./JG7, flying the Me 262, he scored 12 victories with the jet.


Hugo Dahmer was one of the Luftwaffe's most successful NCO's. His first victory, was whilst serving in Adolf Galland's JG26 as an Unteroffizer on May 16 1940 flying the Bfl09E. By Feb 1941 he had 12 victories, amassed through the Battles in France and Britain. He then served in Norway with 1./JG77 and from here Dahmer went to the Murmansk to fight the Russians, developing a new Sauhafen tactic, where irregular flying during attacks created confusion amongst the enemy. Dahmer finished the war with a tally of 57 confirmed, over 307 missions.

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