Tiger Tiger by Nicholas Trudgian

Tiger Tiger by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall print size: 27" x 18 1/4". Print Size: 20 1/2" x 11 1/4".

This brand new collector edition features the infamous Tiger Tank, one of the the deadliest fighting machines ever built and the most successful tank ace of WWII, Michael Wittmann. Wittmann's Tiger advances towards Beauvais in June 1944 to intercept the advancing British 7th Armoured Division - the famous Desert Rats - during the Allied Invasion of Normandy. Awarded the Knights Cross with Swords and Oak Leaves, Michael Wittman was the most decorated tank commander of WWII but, together with his entire crew, lost his life on August 8 in the battle for Cintheaux when his Tiger received a direct hit from a rocket fired by a RAF Typhoon ground attack fighter.

The Signatures

Each copy of Tiger! Tiger! is personally signed by the artist and a highly regarded Panzer crew member.

  • Obergefreiter HENRY METELMANN

The Edition

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