Glorious Victory by Simon Atack

Glorious Victory by Simon Atack

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Glorious Victory. The very words conjure images of magnificent ships and roaring cannon from the golden era of fighting sail. The death of a British hero………

Fought on the afternoon of Monday 21st October 1805 off Cadiz, Spain at Cape Trafalgar, it was the most monumental and significant battle in the history of British naval warfare. 27 British warships engaged, in two columns, a combined French and Spanish fleet of 33.

Now, in a stunning new painting by world renown artist Simon Atack, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory is magnificently portrayed in her closing advance on the French line of battle; taking on formidable cannon fire from the broadsides of the 80 gun Bucentaure, Vice Admiral Pierre Charles Villeneuve’s flagship (to Victory’s port bow), and the 74 gun Redoubtable (to starboard). At extreme right of the painting is the 74 gun Spanish warship San Justo.

Victory led the weather (northernmost) column at the battle and received enemy fire at about 12.20pm. For a full forty minutes she had to endure her enemy’s broadside fire as she drifted on their port flank suffering severe damage to her bows, masts and sails before breaking the enemy line at 1 minute to 1pm.

She raked and crippled Bucentaure before colliding on the bows of Redoubtable. It was while the two ships locked together that Nelson was shot by a French marksman from Redoubtable’s mizzen top.

In an engagement lasting over four hours, despite massive battle-damage, Victory’s gunners fought muzzle to muzzle, firing her guns to the end. Entitled after a line of Nelson’s prayer written on the eve of Trafalgar, Simon Atack’s superb new work captures, in breathtaking attention to detail, the very essence of British courage that was to ultimately win the day of glorious victory.

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Battle of Trafalgar Commemorative Edition

500 Signed and Numbered by Simon W. Atack
UK. £75.00 (approx US$140)

The Master’s Edition

25 Artist’s Proofs Signed and Numbered by Simon W. Atack
UK. £125.00 (approx US $234.00)

The Captain’s Edition

25 Remarque editions with original pencil drawing by Simon W. Atack
Signed and Numbered by the artist
UK. £275.00 (approx US $515.00)

The Admiral’s Edition

Reproduced from the original painting on Stretched canvas
30 editions worldwide only. Signed and Numbered by Simon W. Atack
UK. £650.00 (approx US $1215.00)

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