Victory over the Rhine by Nicholas Trudgian

Victory over the Rhine by Nicholas Trudgian

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Overall Size: 35 1/2” wide x 26 5/8”

Ill-advisedly employed by Hitler as the wonder-bomber, the Me262 was initially issued to Bomber Units, one of which being KG51. Tasked with undertaking lightning fast raids upon advancing Allied ground forces, the shark-like jets employed their spectacular speed advantage to surprise, strike and escape. Not to be outdone, the RAF responded with their supremely fast Spitfire XIVs which had already proven themselves highly effective against Germany’s V1 flying bombs. In his new painting, Nick Trudgian recreates a typical moment: Spitfire Mk XIVs of 41 Squadron have intercepted and damaged a Me262 of KG51 and, with smoke and debris pouring from its damaged Jumo 004 Turbojet, the stricken Luftwaffe jet will be lucky to make it home. A dramatic painting and a fine tribute to the RAF’s contribution to the Victory in Europe.

This outstanding new release is the second edition in the Trilogy to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Joining artist Nicolas Trudgian, every print of ‘Victory over the Rhine’ is individually signed in pencil by FIVE highly respected RAF Aircrew who flew combat in the European theatre during World War II.


  • Sqn Ldr HUGH PARRY- 41 Sqn Spitfires
  • Wg Cdr J ELKINGTON- Battle of Britain Hurricane
  • Sqn Ldr NORMAN SCRIVENER - Pathfinder Lancaster
  • Flt Lt JAMES KYLE DFM - Tempest
  • Flt Lt ‘BERTIE’ BOULTER DFC - Pathfinder Mosquito
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