By Day, By Night by Michael Rondot

By Day, By Night by Michael Rondot

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Chinook helicopters in action. A limited edition with artist's proofs and remarques signed by the Commander-In-Chief RAF Strike Command, Squadron Commanders and decorated Special Forces Chinook crews.

Size: 27x20 ins (image size: 24x15 ins) 

A famous WWII Pathfinder unit, No.7 Squadron flew Stirling bombers before converting to Lancasters to spearhead the RAF Bomber Command night offensive in 1942. Post-war, the squadron flew Lincolns, Valiants and Canberras before receiving Chinook helicopters in 1982. Since then it has been constantly at the forefront of support operations in The Falklands, Northern Ireland,  Beirut,  Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Sierra Leone, and was deeply involved in the 1991 Gulf War, proudly continuing its "pathfinder" origins.

This beautiful and powerful portrayal of No.7 Squadron's heavily armed and highly modified Chinooks in action provides a rare glimpse into the dark world of Special Forces helicopter operations. BY DAY, BY NIGHT portrays a pair of Chinooks taking off in typical desert conditions faced by the squadron's crews during recent Special Forces operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Flying often at night, far behind enemy lines and in extreme weather conditions, No.7 Squadron's crews are frequently called upon to test the limits of their aircraft's performance envelope. Little is known about these operations and much of their flying is shrouded in the secrecy surrounding Special Forces, but the numerous honours and awards for gallantry which are quietly gazetted from time to time give some clues about the dangerous nature of No.7 Squadron's duties.


Published in a very small limited edition, each BY DAY, BY NIGHT print is artist-signed and numbered, issued with a certificate of authenticity and signed by the current Officer Commanding No.7 Squadron.


We are honoured to have the artist's proofs and remarques from this edition signed by one of the RAF's most senior Commanders and by some of the most distinguished and decorated aircrew currently serving in the RAF:
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir BRIAN BURRIDGE KCB CBE ADC
  • Group Captain JOHN BURR DFC
  • Group Captain SIMON FALLA DSO
  • Wing Commander DOM TORIATI MBE

And by former and current serving members of No.7 Squadron whose names cannot be listed here for security reasons. Especially prized for their rarity and personal touch, remarque prints have an original pencil drawing of a Chinook added to the print border.

The Editions

  • 50 artist's proofs: 120
  • 25 remarques: 235

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