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Holding The Line

The latest release from the studio of military artist Richard Taylor is truly outstanding and is surely one of his best paintings to date. Price 110

Height and Sun

In Robert Taylor's outstanding new painting, Hurricanes of 32 Sqn climb high into the morning sky in an attempt to take the advantage over the onslaught of enemy fighters. Prices from 125

Milne Bay - The Turning Point

Robert Taylor's powerful new painting depicts Kitthawks from the 75 and 76 Squadrons RAAF, returning to No 1 Strip after attacking Japanese positions during the Battle for Milne Bay. Price: 165

Typhoons Outward Bound

The Typhoon's lethal weaponry is clearly visible in Richard Taylor's beautiful new painting Typhoons Outward Bound. As another fine summer day begins, Typhoon Mk1b's of 247 Squadron are en-route to the Normandy battlefront, the first of several missions that day

HMS Bellona at Trafalgar

This superb scene from the Battle of Trafalgar by Don Macleod is simply stunning

Open Assault

Robert Taylor's memorable painting 'Open Assault', shows Hurricanes of 501 Squadron attacking a force of Ju87 Stukas as they dive-bomb naval vessels and installations in the port of Dover on 29 July 1940

Tactical Support

Richard Taylor's evocative new painting recreates the scene over Pegasus Bridge shortly after D-Day as a pair of P-38 Lightnings thunder inland in support of the advancing allied armies.

Homeward Bound

Released as the companion to HIGH SUMMER in the Battle of Britain Portfolio, Anthony Saunders' compelling new painting brings to life a typical cameo from those long and arduous aerial contests during the Battle of Britain

High Summer

Released as a pair with HOMEWARD BOUND, Anthony Saunders' new painting High Summer, the second canvas in his new Battle of Britain Portfolio, portrays Spitfires from 92 Squadron.

Outward Bound

Vulcan. The last of the famous delta-winged V bombers.


Robert Taylor's masterful portrayal of, The Wolfpack, evokes the menacing, raw power of the 56th Fighter Group's P-47 Thunderbolts as they climb through majestic cloud formations stretching as far as the eye can see

The Waterloo Collection

This limited edition, signed set of prints by artist Chris Collingwood exhibits stunning depth and detail. Series 1: 'Struggle for Hougoumont' is a highly collectible and rare, first pair of an annual series on Waterloo.

Spitfire Scramble

Spitfire Scramble limited edition fine art print by Philip E West

From Dawn To Dusk

From Dawn To Dusk by Philip E West

First Boots On The Ground

William S. Phillips compellingly depicts the chaos of LZ X-Ray in First Boots on the Ground.

The Biff Boys

Robert Taylor's new aerial masterwork 'The Biff Boys' captures perfectly the scenario on that decisive morning in November 1917. Lt. Powell is seen pumping a deadly burst of machine gun fire into a diving Albatross as the aerial duel wheels and turns in a magnificent skyscape high above Cambrai.

Puttalam Elephants

This vibrant, evocative and very unusual piece will appeal to both collectors of Aviation and contemporary art alike. Prices from 200.


Anthony Saunders stunning print shows Lancasters of 617 Squadron as they successfully breach the second of Germany's mighty western dams - the Eder

En Route

Anthony Saunders stunning tribute to the most famous RAF bombing raid of World War II depicts Lancasters of 617 Squadron as they follow the Dutch canals en-route to Germany and their target, the mighty Dams of theRuhr

Arctic Hunters

Richard Taylor's spectacular new painting Arctic Hunters portrays the Me109s of 6./JG5 led by Oberleutnant Heinrich Ehrler, while based at Petsamo in Finland. Prices from 95

Eagle Force

Eagle Force, Robert Taylor's magnificent new painting features Spitfire Vbs of 71 Squadron RAF as they return to their base at North Weald, September 1941.

American Eagles

The highly collectable print from Robert Taylor is the companion to Air Superiority and is signed by 5 prominent pilots of the 357th Fighter Group including, for the first time ever on a Robert Taylor edition, one of the most famous aviators in history - General Chuck Yeager.

Dawn Sortie

Gerald Coulson's majestic new painting captures a pair of Spitfire Mk1s at dawn high above the clouds over southern England in late 1940

Dambusters - The Impossible Mission

This hugely popular Dambusters print by Robert Taylor is now secondary market only and we have been lucky enough to secure a copy in mint condition

Those Valiant Few

Stunning limited edition pencil print by Robert Taylor featuring over 50 signatures. Prices from 295

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