Desert Victory by Nicholas Trudgian

Desert Victory by Nicholas Trudgian

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A Limited Edition featuring the Me109Fs of JG-27 in North Africa during Rommel's advance towards Tobruk.

Overall print size: 23" 34"

Nicolas Trudgian's painting Desert Victory recreates all the atmosphere of the North African desert war with a stunning portrayal of the Me109s of 3./JG-27. The wing is depicted being led by Staffelkapitan Gerhard Homuth as they escort Afrikakorps armor heading for the front line at Gazala, Libya, on February 21, 1942. Flying alongside Homuth, the great Luftwaffe Ace Joachim Marseille scored his 49th and 50th victories on this day, earning his Knight's Cross. Below, the crew of an SdKfz 10 light half-track stop to investigate a crashed P-40 Kittyhawk belonging to No 112 Squadron RAF, brought down during an earlier contest

The Edition and Signatures

Signed and numbered print. Price: 75

Each print in this unique edition is authenticated with the individual signatures of TWO top Luftwaffe Aces and ONE Afrikakorps gunner - all holders of the Knight's Cross.

  • Generalmajor FRIEDRICH KORNER
  • Leutnant GERHARD HALM

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