Those Valiant Few by Robert Taylor

Those Valiant Few by Robert Taylor

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Overall print size: 20" wide x 14"

The new Limited Edition from Robert Taylor, whose evocative pencil drawing commemorates Churchill's famous 'FEW' the valiant young pilots of RAF Fighter Command who flew and fought in the Battle of Britain.

The Signatures

The Battle of Britain Tribute Edition

Every print in this extraordinary Tribute Edition is signed by no less than FIFTY Battle of Britain pilots and aircrew, some of the most famous names in RAF Fighter Command's Roll of Honour.

  • Flight Lieutenant ALEXANDER N.R.L. APPLEFORD
  • Squadron Leader PERCIVAL H. BEAKE
  • Flight Lieutenant BENJAMIN BENT
  • Air Commodore PETER M. BROTHERS
  • Flight Lieutenant BERNARD W. BROWN
  • Squadron Leader MAURICE P. BROWN
  • Flight Lieutenant OWEN V. BURNS
  • Flight Lieutenant JOSEPH T.R. CHAMBERLIN
  • Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM J. CORBIN
  • Flight Lieutenant MICHAEL E. CROSKELL
  • Wing Commander ROBERT F.T. DOE
  • Group Captain BILLY DRAKE
  • Group Captain BYRON L. DUCKENFIELD
  • Squadron Leader STANLEY S. DUFF
  • Wing Commander PETER W. DUNNING-WHITE
  • Flight Lieutenant ERIC R. EDMUNDS
  • Wing Commander JOHN T. ELKINGTON
  • Air Commodore JOHN L.W. ELLACOMBE
  • Squadron Leader ROBERT W. FOSTER
  • Squadron Leader CHARLES G. FRIZELL
  • Flight Lieutenant TREVOR GRAY
  • Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM J. GREEN
  • Flight Lieutenant ALBERT E. GREGORY
  • Group Captain RICHARD C. HAINE
  • Flight Lieutenant PETER R. HAIRS
  • Squadron Leader NORMAN E. HANCOCK
  • Squadron Leader TONY C. IVESON
  • Flight Lieutenant RICHARD L. JONES
  • Wing Commander THOMAS M. KANE
  • Flight Sergeant JOHN KEATINGS
  • Squadron Leader RAYMOND A. KELLOW
  • Squadron Leader ROBERT A. KINGS
  • Flight Lieutenant KEITH A. LAWRENCE
  • Flight Lieutenant ROBIN M.M.D. LUCAS
  • Squadron Leader KENNETH R. LUSTY
  • Wing Commander KEN W. MacKENZIE
  • Squadron Leader JOCELYN G.P. MILLARD
  • Wing Commander TOM F. NEIL
  • Squadron Leader DOUGLAS B. J. NICHOLLS
  • Flight Lieutenant REGINALD C. NUTTER
  • Squadron Leader TOM PICKERING
  • Group Captain HERBERT M. PINFOLD
  • Wing Commander JACK ROSE
  • Wing Commander RICHARD G. B. SUMMERS
  • Wing Commander GEORGE W. SWANWICK
  • Wing Commander THOMAS R. THOMSON
  • Squadron Leader MICHAEL J. WAINWRIGHT
  • Squadron Leader GEOFFREY H.A.WELLUM
  • Flying Officer KENNETH A. WILKINSON

The Artist Proofs

In addition to the FIFTY Battle of Britain pilots and aircrew who have signed the Tribute Edition, each Artist Proof has been matted to include the authentic pencil signature of six of the most famous RAF fighter Aces, all of whom flew with Royal Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain 10 July to 31 October, 1940.

  • Group Captain FRANK CAREY
  • Air Commodore AL DEERE
  • Air Vice-Marshal J. E. 'JOHNNIE' JOHNSON
  • Wing Commander TOM DALTON - MORGAN
  • Wing Commander BOB STANFORD TUCK
  • Squadron Leader GEOFFREY PAGE

The Publisher Proof Edition (Matted print & book set)

Issued with all the components of the Artist Proofs, a unique edition of just FIVE copies of THOSE VALIANT FEW will be released by the Military Gallery as Publisher Proofs. Each of these unique proofs, matted to include four extra signatures, will be accompanied by a multisigned copy of the classic Battle of Britain book 'THEN AND NOW' by Winston G Ramsey. Enclosed within its own de-luxe slipcase, each book has been signed by 20 prominent and highly esteemed pilots and aircrew who flew with Royal Air Force Fighter Command during World War II. With a total of EIGHTY signatures, these five Publisher Proofs will surely become the jewel at the centre of any serious aviation memorabilia collection. Each Publisher Proof is matted to contain the following additional signatures:

  • Wing Commander JOHN CUNNINGHAM
  • Group Captain DENNIS DAVID
  • Air Vice-Marshal HAROLD BIRD-WILSON

The Editions

The Battle of Britain Tribute Edition

Individually numbered 1-165 with 50 signatures UK 295 SOLD OUT!

The Artist Proofs

Individually numbered 1-30 with 56 signatures UK 495 SOLD OUT!

Overall matte size 24" x 22"

The Publisher Proof Edition

5 Publisher Proofs with 80 signatures UK 1695 SOLD OUT!

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