Stukas Graveyard by Mark Littlejohn

Stukas Graveyard by Mark Littlejohn

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Battle of Britain 18th August 1940

On the 18th of August came the climax of the fighting for Stukagruppen 77, that Sunday heavy raids were directed against airfields and radar stations along the south coast including Biggin Hill, Ford, Poling radar station, and Thorney Island . It was becoming obvious that the early model Ju87b lacked the necessary armour protection for their crews when pitted against the best RAF fighters, this proved to be the case when from I. and II/III St.G. 77, 16 Stuka's were lost carrying out attacks when intercepted by aircraft from Nos 43, 152,60 I, and 602 squadrons. Naturally enough after this carnage St.G.77 was withdrawn from combat to begin a period of refit to support the invasion of Britain . Needless to say it was not to be.

The picture shows FIt. Sgt. A. Pond in action on that day, having shot down a JU87B, He crash landed back at his aerodrome due to a damaged engine.


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