The Duke Engages by Mark Littlejohn

The Duke Engages by Mark Littlejohn

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Classic Naval Battles of World War II.

At 1647hrs on the 26th December 1943 , without warning the German Battlecruiser Scharnhorst was suddenly illuminated by the light of British star shell. It was the beginning of the end. She was caught between two British naval forces one of which included the Battleship HMS Duke of York . The British Battleship opened up with a full broadside causing damage to the Scharnhorst. Whilst attempting to escape the trap the German ship gallantly fought back. Just as it seemed the Scharnhorst would escape, a lucky shell hit from the Duke of York slowed her down and the British forces closed in for the kill. Scharnhorst was sunk at 1945hrs only 36 survivors were recovered.

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