The Great Escape Special Edition by Nicholas Trudgian

The Great Escape Special Edition by Nicholas Trudgian

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Stalag Luft III, located 100 miles southeast of Berlin in what is now Zagan in Poland, was controlled directly by the High Command of Luftwaffe and became one of the most famous prison camps of World War II.

The PoW camp was one of six operated by the Luftwaffe, exclusively for the imprisonment of captured RAF aircrew, and compared to many prison of war camps it was model of civilised internment, with the Geneva Convention complied to as much as possible, however it was still a wartime Prisoner of War camp.

Under the direction of the Escape Committee, headed by Chief Escape Officer. Squadron Leader Roger Bushell - known as Big X - a daring and ambitious plan to breakout at least 200 prisoners was conceived which involved digging three tunnels, codenamed 'Tom' 'Dick' and 'Harry'.

Aside from the actual tunnelling itself there was a huge logistic operation in force in the camp in order to create the escape.

Getting rid of the earth from these tunnels was a problem as it was a different colour to the earth around the camp, however a system was devised where prisoners hid the earth in bags under their trousers and dispersed it around the area - they were known as 'Penguins'

Another problem was the huge amount of wood needed to shore up the tunnels as well as materials needed to forge documents, maps and the civilian clothes needed as disguises. All this had to go on under the noses of the guards and a network of prisoners known as "Stooges" was put in place to assist the forgers and create a system of lookouts to ensure the secrecy of the workshops.

On 24th March 1944, Stalag I-uft III was the scene of one of the most audacious escape attempts of the entire War when a precision planned 'Great Escape' took place. Seventy six men escaped and the large diversion from Germany's war effort that was needed to recapture them so angered Hitler that he ordered 50 of the recaptured escapees to be shot.

Reproduced from a pencil drawing by Nicolas Trudgian this special edition depicts the construction of Tunnel Harry', the final escape route taken during the Great Escape, March 1944.

With each print personally signed by veterans who played a part in what was one of the most daring escape attempts of WW1I, this is a highly collectable edition.


Squadron leader Ken "hawkeye" lee

Flying Hurricanes with 501 Squadron during the Battle of France, Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain he became an Ace early in the war. He was shot down and captured in July 1943 and sent to Stallag Luft III where he was involved as a Penguin and a Stooge during the Great Escape.

The Special Edition

The Special Edition is also signed by the following:

Flight Lieutenant Jack Lyon

Was involved as a Stooge during the lead up to the escape.

Flight Lieutenant Les Broderick

Was employed as a tunneller and escaped as number 52 out of the tunnel but was recaptured.

Wing Commander Ken Rees

One of the tunnellers he was actually caught in the tunnel when it was discovered by German guards during the escape.

Squadron leader "Jimmy" James

Shot down in 1940 whilst piloting a Wellington he was tunneller and actually escaped - number 39 out of the tunnel - but was recaptured 100 miles from the camp.

Flight Lieutenant Alan Bryett

He was involved as both a penguin and a Stooge during the escape.

Squadron leader "Dick" Churchill

Involved as a tunneller and a penguin, he escaped as number 63 from the tunnel but was recaptured.

Just 76 copies are signed by SEVEN veterans of the Great Escape and additionally double matted to conservation standards to include an original piece of the security wire from the perimeter fence of Stallag Luft III. Each is issued with a special edition copy of the book "The Great Escape" by Paul Bnckhill, individually stamped using an original forged German security stamp that was used by the prisoners' and presented in a gold embossed slipcase.

This piece is additionally authenticated by the official museum at Zagan.

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